Staff Picks Book Reviews

Great reads to end 2019!

I am currently listening to the Bluford High series. The series is available as audiobooks on the Bluford High website and in my opinion narration is perfect. The Bluford Series is a collection of high-interest young adult novels set in fictional Bluford High, a tough but nurturing inner city high school. The novels speak to the interests, struggles, and concerns of today’s young adults.I have completed The Gun, Secrets in the Shadows, and have one more chapter left in Blood is Thicker. All three were great novels.

-Justin M.

I am reading “We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter

A gripping novel about three generations of a Jewish family during World War 2. Not a book to be read right before bed, the devastation and imagery stays with you for days.

-Crystal S.

A sumptuous, sort-of Medieval/Gothic tale, the author draws you right in by plunking you in the middle of the nightmares of a boy named Emmett, who finds himself under “binder’s fever,” and being taken from his family’s farm into an apprenticeship with a binder. Bookbinders are sacred professions; the only books around are kept locked in secret vaults. The binder helps you by taking away your horrible memories that you can’t bear any longer. A fascinating novel!

-Jenneffer S.