Egg-citing STEAM activities for kids

1. WATCH and LISTEN to An Egg Is Quiet by Dianna Aston. Read by sunshine lemonade.: 

2. Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning: 

– EXPLORE outdoors to complete a nature scavenger hunt. 
Find plants and animals from the book, or use this printable scavenger hunt from How to Nest for Less: 

– DRAW or PAINT an egg. 
What color would your egg be, and is it in a nest or camouflaged to stay hidden? Would you egg have a bird or a reptile waiting to hatch out of it? Using markers, crayons, or paint, share your egg with us. 

-An Egg Is Quiet: Word Search

Source: Reading Is Fundamental 

After reading An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston, use this printable or launch this interactive Word Search puzzle to extend learning. Find and circle words across, down, and diagonally. 

-Bouncy Egg Science Experiments

In this experiment, we are going to turn a regular raw egg into a bouncy egg. The result will be an egg that feels rubbery (like a bouncy ball) and does bounce.  

Just be sure not to jump it too high unless you are ready for a messy result! Watch to the end of the video to see what I mean. 

-Check out Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg by Mia Posada on Tumblebooks