Losing a Library Friend

Even though VITA tax help is not at the library this year, due to COVID-19, MPL did host the volunteers from the Mooresville Christian Mission for the past several years, and even became a satellite site for tax help last year. One guy many of you probably remember, who would fill in for no-shows, call-outs, and would stay until the very last minute to help someone with a tax return, was Gene (Eugene T. Connolly). He passed away last month from cancer.

There were many evenings I remember him going without dinner, because he really wanted to help each client who came in the library for tax help, no matter how difficult or complex the return. He created the flyers and made copies that advertised their free services each year, so we would have less work to do in our satellite role. He was instrumental in supplying the Mission volunteers’ own printing equipment and Wi-Fi hotspots, so that in the times when our technology failed, the volunteers would be able to assist clients with their online returns, and printing them copies. He was very friendly, helpful, kind, funny and very smart.

Please see the full obituary from the online Mooresville Tribune here https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/mooresvilletribune/name/eugene-connolly-obituary?pid=197678045.


Jenneffer Sixkiller, Staff Librarian