Members and Donors

(as of May 1, 2022)

William’s Society Lifetime Member
Ann Chapman
Elizabeth O. Floyd
Marie Murr
Terry and Ann Pardue
Laura Temple
Anne Youngs

Ann Chapman
Bank of America
Blythe and Jack Henderson
Homesley Family Charity
Heather Mann
Mooresville LKN Newcomers
Hannah Pardue
Terry and Ann Pardue
Rebecca Smith

Author’s Circle
Stephanie Augustine
Amy Barnhardt
Gail Hicks
Rita Cochran-Oshea
Lynn and Tom Pinkham
Louise and George Smith
Virginia Tadvick
Leona Wetherbee

Carla Handshaw
Emily Jones
Nikki Joyce
June McClune
Margareta McCrea
Barbara Stickle

Mary Gust
Cassandra and James Helfer
Jeremy Hiett
Jayne Noto
Debbi Potter
Victoria Stout

Marian Lytle

Joy Curtis
Gail Ecklund
Nikki Joyce
Cindy McKenzie
*Individuals who have volunteered at least 15 hours for the library in the past 12 months

Memorial Gifts
Heather and Daniel Mann in Honor of Brenda Hilton